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All About Dogs Show gets over 4 million views on TikTok


The All About Dogs Show has reached over FOUR MILLION views on TikTok!

The show, which is run by Aztec Events, recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and launched itself on the popular social media platform. Since creating an account in April 2020, the All About Dogs Show has received over four million video views.

Featuring videos taken at the shows, the All About Dogs Show’s TikTok account is a fun filled platform where you can relive the shows – and follow some fun TikTok trends too.

The team will be adding to the feed with footage from upcoming shows, so don’t FURget to give the account a follow!

Check out the All About Dogs Show TikTok account and follow it here: All About Dogs Show TikTok


All About Dogs Show Social Media

You can also follow the All About Dogs Show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.